Wherever your filmslargeicon 
and TV programmes
are, they're now 
just a click away...

Just point Media Menu Pro to where your films and tv
programmes are stored - on your computer, other
computers, external hard drives, other networks... and
a catalogue of all your media will be created.

You can then access and play any of your movies
and TV shows straight from your menu bar.

It’s that simple.


Screen Shots

Screen-Shot-1-Thumb Screen-Shot-2-Thumb
Screen-Shot-3-Thumb Screen-Shot-4-Thumb



Movie Support: * *
Edit covers and titles: * *
Covers finder tool: *
Automatic cover download: *
Scan multiple folders: * *
TV Show Support: *
Remember watched media: *
Automatic Scans: *
for OS X 10.5 Lite or Pro