I have made a number of attempts to start a website over the last 15 years, I either lose heart or neglect them before things really get going. This time I am not starting with any real goals but I do have things online that I would like to link together, such as Isis and Media Menu.

I also often have experiences I would like to share with the wider world, normally programming related and mostly information I had to pice together as there one no good single source. This is often as much for my benefit as anyone else, I would then have the information to had next time I need it.

What I don't expect this to be is a blog, either personal or topical, but rather a loose collection of articles. Often while trying to sleep at night I get an idea for an article, this one included, and I dictate it in my head using the most elegant prose that even Cicero would be proud off. Then comes the time to write them down the next day and I can only muster the letterary style of a professional footballer wearing over gloves; thankfully I can type just a little better than that, but not much. So a semi regular blog this will not be but if i feel strong enough abound something expect a port.

Back to the point, why. I guess the why really stems from not having a constant online presence to point people to when I am asked questions about me or documentation for things I have written; I intend to server that all from here.